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Italian higher education for international students
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Italian University Degrees

We are listing the degrees in offer at Italian universities.
The related study programmes may be designed either under the old or the new university regulations, that is to say the rules in force respectively before and after the 1999 reform prompted by the Bologna Declaration.

  • New degrees (degrees designed in conformity to the regulations of the university system in force since November 1999)
  • Old degrees (degrees designed in conformity to regulations of the university system in force up to October 1999)

The 5 great subject areas

The 5 great subject areas covering the whole of university education are: health, humanities, sciences, social studies, technology. Each area is subdivided in the following main subject sectors:

  1. Health: dentistry, pharmacy, human medicine & surgery, midwifery, nursing, physio-and-rehabilitation therapy, preventive care, technical sanitary assistance;
  2. Humanities: arts (performing, visual, fashion, music), cultural heritage, education, geography, history; Italian and classical/oriental studies, language mediation (applied foreign languages, interpreting, translating), modern languages and cultures (glottology, linguistics, literature, philology, etc.),
  3. Sciences: agriculture, animal production & husbandry, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental sciences, food industry & forestry, maths, natural sciences, physics, statistics, etc.;
  4. Social sudies: administration, business, communication, cooperation & development, defence & security, economics, law, physical education & sports, psichology, political science and international relations, social service & sociology, tourism;
  5. Technology: architecture & building engineering, design (industrial), engineering (civil, industrial, information), regional & environmental planning, urban planning, etc.