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Scuola Superiore "S. Anna" di studi universitari e di perfezionamento


The Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e Perfezionamento Sant’Anna di Pisa” has been instituted with  law 14 February 1987, n. 41, is person  legal and it enjoys administrative, didactic autonomy and to discipline.
The undergraduate students are admitted to the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies after having passed a national public competition. The winners are enrolled in the appropriate degree program of the University of Pisa and frequent its integrative courses, including foreign language study. The School offers all these services free of charge.
The examination of access to the school is carried out in the months of  august or  september.
The undergraduate program lasts three years for the first level; after passing the admissions exam, undergraduates must enroll in a first-level degree program at the University of Pisa that is compatible with the disciplines taught at the Sant'Anna School, attending classes and taking the required exams. Students of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies receive free lodging.
The students must maintain an academic average of at least 27/30 in the exams given by both the University and the School, scoring no less than 24/30 on any single exam, except in extraordinary cases established by the Regulations.
Undergraduate students of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies are required to:
Attend lectures and collateral activities of the degree courses at the University of Pisa, as well as the courses at the School, following a personalized program of study under the guidance of a tutor
Take and pass all of the examinations required by a given program of study
Learn at least two foreign languages and demonstrate to have achieved a level of competence equivalent to two years of study
Make periodical reports to the Sant'Anna School on the progress of one s studies by means of meetings or written accounts
The School is articulated in two Academic Classes:
a)  Social class of science:  Economics, Law, Political Science 
b) Class of applied sciences: Agrarian Science,  Engineering  Medicine.

The academic offering of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies are organized as follows:

  • Undergraduate courses;
  • Post lauream instruction, including specialization courses and doctoral programs;
  • University Masters of the first and second levels, and International Masters;
  • Post-graduated training.