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Agriculture, food industry and forestry

Graduates of this first degree course must:

  1. possess adequate basic knowledge in the fields of mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry and biology for the purposes of application;
  2. know research methods and be able to participate in research and experimentation, as well as use their knowledge to solve the various practical problems in the agriculture, food industry and forestry sectors;
  3. possess knowledge and competence of operational procedures and lab work, in one or more of the following sectors: agriculture, food industry and forestry;
  4. be able to give technical assistance in the agriculture, food industry and forestry sectors;
  5. be able to evaluate what impact agriculture, the food industry and forestry projects have on the environment;
  6. understand the corporate environment and the relative economic, managerial and organisational aspects of the agriculture, food industry and forestry sectors;
  7. possess the basic education and ability needed to constantly update their knowledge and professional competence.