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Study in Italy
Italian higher education for international students
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Graduates of this degree course must:

  1. possess the basic skills specific to the fields of communication and be able to work in the various industries relative to culture (publishing, cinema, theatre, radio, television and the new media);
  2. possess the competences in the new communications and information technologies and the ability to carry out communication and public relations activities in the public, private and cultural heritage sectors;
  3. understand the operational policies typical of communications and information in relation to changes in a variety of national and international sectors, also with reference to institutional contexts;
  4. possess the skills needed to work as a journalist and in newsrooms, with competence in the audio-visual area as well;
  5. the ability to speak and write two foreign languages (one of which an EU language), as well as having proficiency in Italian;
  6. possess the basic competences needed to produce cultural texts (screenplays, short subjects, storyboards, video and audio-visual texts).