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Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage

Graduates of this degree course must:

  1. understand the structural and material characteristics of works of art in order to carry out conservation projects;
  2. possess the competences needed to carry out projects, using the proper technology, in one or more of the following areas: arresting the decay and/or structural instability of historical buildings,of historical artistic, theatrical, musical assets, archives, and cinema; removal of the causes of decay; conservation of environmental and anthropological heritage;
  3. possess adequate technical and scientific knowledge of architectural measuring processes, the structural characteristics of cultural works, the materials used in the works, and the types of technology used to restore and conserve them;
  4. be able to work in public institutions responsible forthe management and maintenance of the national cultural heritage, as well as in those private professional organisations which operate in the restoration and conservation sectors;
  5. be able to communicate and manage information effectively.