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Graduates of this degree course must:

  1. possess a sound knowledge of legal principles, especially with regards to the historic and philosophical, private, public, trial, penal, and international sectors, as well as in the institutional, economic, comparative and community ones;
  2. possess adequate skills for the effective communication and management of information, including the use of computing and information technologies.

Political sciences and international relations

Graduates of this degree course must:

  1. possess adequate knowledge, both cultural, methodological and professional,pertinent to the field;
  2. acquire an education characterised by an interdisciplinary approach ( e.g. law, economics, politics, sociology, history, etc.) suited to analysing and managing the public and private issues of modern society, including issues concerning equal opportunities;
  3. possess the interdisciplinary knowledge needed to plan and carry out complex operational strategies;
  4. possess an adequate command of empirical research methods in the fields of politics, sociology, statistics, economic sciences, quantative studies, and comparative methods, especially with regards to public law subjects which will allow for an innovative and operational entry into both public and private professional contexts.