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Pharmacy: science and technology

Graduates of this first degree course must:

  1. acquire adequate basic knowledge of chemistry as it relates to molecular structure, ionic balance and the chemism of functional groups;
  2. gain adequate knowledge of animal and vegetable biology and of the morphology and physiology of the human body;
  3. gain knowledge of general biochemistry in order to understand the molecular mechanisms of biological phenomena and metabolic activity; graduates must also understand enzymes, proteins and nucleic acids in their function as receptors of pharmaceutical drugs;
  4. have acquired knowledge of pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacology in order to understand pharmaceuticals and their characteristics with regards to pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and toxicity;
  5. know pharmaceutical forms, as well as the materials used in the preparation of formulations;
  6. be also aware of the legislative and ethical norms useful to work professionally in the various aspects of the field.