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Study in Italy
Italian higher education for international students
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Graduates of this degree course must:

  1. possess adequate basic knowledge of economics, geography, anthropology, and sociology, as well as the cultural and legal matters pertinent to the various sectors of the tourism market;
  2. have a good command of the methods for sociological research and of the technical aspects of the various sectors of application, including practical skills related to measuring, surveying and treating data pertinent to social analysis;
  3. have adequate knowledge of the work and business culture so as to allow for working in real conditions, taking on various responsibilities in business or administration;
  4. acquire the methods and techniques needed for the effective promotion and fruition of cultural assets and activities;
  5. be able to apply acquired knowledge to the general cultural, economic and social contexts within local, national and international contexts;
  6. be able to communicate, orally and in written form, general information as well as information specific to tourism in at least two EU languages (as well as in Italian);
  7. possess adequate skills and tools for the effective communication and management of information.