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Study in Italy
Italian higher education for international students
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Graduates of this degree course must:

  1. have a sufficient basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, and mathematics;
  2. acquire research methods needed to solve manifold problems that may arise in their profession;
  3. acquire laboratory skills needed to work in the sector;
  4. have knowledge of prophylaxis, microbiology and general pathology regarding animals, animal epidemiology and infectious and parasitical animal diseases;
  5. also know about national and European health laws, animal husbandry hygiene issues, as well as the safety and quality of food destined to human consumption and the environmental impact of livestock breeding and processing;
  6. be able to work on the technical, hygienic and economic aspects of animal production systems concerning industries such as livestock breeding, hunting and fish-farming, as well as companies supplying technical means and services in the production and marketing of animals.