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Admission to and enrollment in single courses

You would like to attend H.Ed. studies in Italy and get a personal experience of the Italian way of life but for a shorter period than that needed to complete a degree programme.
If so, you may apply for enrollment in a few individual subject courses (single courses), even belonging to more than just a single degree programme.

Admission requirements and enrollment procedures resemble those in force for full degree courses.


  • EU nationals and Eu-equated citizens (independently of their place of residence), as well as non-EU citizens living in Italy on a regular stay permit, may enroll by directly submitting to the chosen Italian institutions their personal academic records or any other document issued by their home institutions (as usual, foreign documents must be translated into Italian and legalised by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities abroad; go to Consular Formalization of Documents, Legal Translations, and Legalization of Documents);
  • Non-EU applicants living outside Italy have to submit their pre-applications to the competent Italian Embassies or Consulates (usually by the end of August every year); it is a task of the Italian diplomatic authorities to forward the applications and attached documents to the Italian institutions concerned (usually by the end of September).

Pre-applications are accepted conditionally; the actual enrollment takes place only when individual candidates have passed the exam in the Italian language (go to Competence in Italian).

At the end of the academic year, students may ask for a university certificate stating the names of the subject courses they attended and the grades obtained in the exams they actually sat for and passed.


Credits earned in "single courses" may not be transferred towards an Italian H.Ed. qualification.