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Information sources

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Studenti Stranieri

General provisions on matriculation by foreign secondary qualifications and/or enrollment in 2nd or 3rd cycle degree programmes in Italy on the basis of a previous foreign degree are updated and made public by an interministerial circular letter jointly issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Home Office every three years (generally in March).

The above document is available online (Italian version) at:
Disposizioni immatricolazioni 2007-2008

It is also distributed in paper format:

  • outside Italy, to all Italian diplomatic authorities (Ambasciate/Consolati);
  • in Italy, to the student secretariat (Segreteria Studenti) or the foreign student office (Ufficio Studenti Stranieri) at all Italian H.Ed. institutions.

The above mentioned offices may therefore be contacted for any related information.