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Admission to 3rd cycle degree programmes

For information on the main typologies of 3rd cycle programmes, go to the item "3rd cycle" in "Types of Programmes and Degrees" of Italian Higher Education.

For information on specific 3rd cycle programmes at Italian universities you have to visit their websites or directly contact the international relations offices of individual institutions (go to the database of Italian universities at Cerca università).

As concern the Afam System (system of higher education in the arts and music), its institutions do not yet offer 3rd cycle programmes and qualifications; so far (April 2005), they have implemented the so-called Bologna reform in their 1st and 2nd cycle programmes.

General educational requirements

  1. Do you hold a 2nd cycle degree (master-level) awarded by an accredited foreign university or university-level H.Ed. institution?
  2. Does your 2nd degree (master-level) cover 90-120 ECTS credits?
  3. Have you a good competence in Italian?

In the positive, you meet the general educational requirements for access to Italian 3rd cycle university programmes

Specific requirements
It is the task of the Italian H.Ed. institution of your choice to evaluate your foreign degree, and decide if you meet not only the above general requirements but also the specific conditions for admission to the 3rd cycle programme of your choice (course requirements).

H. Ed. institutions apply their own regulations which take into account the current national legislation, bilateral agreements and multilateral conventions signed by the Italian government, the latest of which is the so-called Lisbon Convention, as well as some general admission criteria agreed upon on a national basis.

Admission to 3rd cycle degree programmes (e.g. CDR and CS at universities) is always subject to the passing of a competitive admission examination (concorso).

Admission examinations, which are organised by and held at individual universities, are administered in italian.