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Stay permit (non- Eu citizens outside Italy)

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Studenti Stranieri

First issueing

Within 8 days from arrival, all non-Eu citizens who hold a study visa for Italy must apply for a stay permit for study purposes.

The stay permit is issued by the local police station (Questura - Ufficio Stranieri) but according to the most recent regulation application have now to be presented at authorized Post Offices.

Some offices (Patronati and City Halls) provide free help in filling in the stay permit application form.
When the form is ready you can present it at the Post Office using the available "kit".

The Post Officer will identify you; you will then have to pay 27,50 (payed through postal money transfer - bollettino postale) for the issueing of the electronic version of the document and 30,00 for the service (to be payed directly to the Post officer).
The Post office will leave you a receipt of the Stay permit application.

Afterwards you wil be summoned by the local police station (Questura) by SMS and letter in order first to take your fingerprints and then to receive the electronic version of your stay permit

For detailed information about this procedure you may:

  • enter the Portale Immigrazione web site; you will find general information on the procedure, the addresses of City Halls and Patronati who can assist you in filling the stay permit application form, the addresses of Post offices authorized to accept the above form, and information on the status of your request by entering a reserved area (username and password are in the receipt);
  • call the free toll number 800.309.309 for general information on the procedure and the addresses of City Halls and Patronati by SMS;
  • call the free toll number 803.160 for the addresses of Post offices authorized to accept the above form.

Anyway the stay permit is issued against presentation of:

  • proof of enough financial means to support yourself (go to Sustenance);
  • a document giving evidence of your right to medical care in Italy (go to Health Insurance).


After matriculation, and at least 30 days before the expiration of their stay permits, all non-Eu students coming from abroad have to apply to the Questura for such permits to be extended for the whole year. On the occasion, each student must demonstrate to have the necessary financial resources to support herself/himself, a certificate of enrollement issued by an Italian H.Ed. institution, as well as to meet all the other requirements needed for the issuing of the stay permit.

Both study visa and stay permits are renewed to the students who have passed one exam in the first year of their degree programmes, and two exams at least in the following years for the earning of such a credit number as determined by the institutions.
The stay permit may be renewed also to a student who has passed only one exam against documentary evidence of a state of very poor health or of other serious reasons. All that without prejudice of the dispositions concerning the global number of possible renewals; in fact, stay permits cannot be issued for more than 3 years beyond the legal length of the degree course concerned (Art. 46, 4 of the Presidential Decree No. 394 of 31st August 1999).