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Made in Italy

Italy sets the standards for all things stylish, elegant and of quality in many areas such as fashion and clothing.

Dressing is a matter of personal pride and expression of personality for both men and women who pay a great deal of attention to their appearance.

Italian design is more than just fashion and clothing; it is also leather, home design, ceramics, jewellery, gold, silver, lace, glassware, crystal, chocolates, food items, art, sculpture, woodworking and even automobiles, all products where Italy holds great pride in being recognised as one of the best.

In the past twenty years the rest of the world has seen an explosion in the popularity of Italian products and lifestyle.

"Made in Italy" are not just words signifying a product’s origin, they are a guarantee that proves superior workmanship and style. This holds true not only for the top names in the Italian fashion industry but for many other products as well.