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Public holidays

The main holidays in Italy when the shops, offices and schools are closed are listed below:

January 1
New Year’s Day

January 6

Easter Monday (movable feast)

April 25
Liberation Day

May 1
Labour Day

June 2
Anniversary of the Republic

August 15
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Ferragosto)

November 1
All Saints’ Day

December 8
Immaculate Conception

December 25
Christmas Day

December 26
St Stephen’s Day

In the cities or in tourist towns you might find some shops or supermarkets open for reduced hours on some of these dates.

You should also note that many businesses in Italy close or reduce operations substantially during the summer holiday period of July and August. This does not apply to tourist areas.
In addition, local feast days are held in honour of town patron saints, but shops will normally stay open.

Here are the saint’s days in some of the main Italian towns.

Venice: April 25 - Saint Mark
Turin/Genoa/Florence: June 24 - Saint John the Baptist
Rome: June 29 - Saint Peter
Palermo: July 15 - Saint Rosalia
Naples: September 19 - Saint Gennaro
Bologna: October 4 - Saint Petronius
Bari: December 6 -Saint Nicholas
Milan: December 7 - Saint Ambrose