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Fondazione CEUR (Bologna, Parma, Milan)

The Fondazione CEUR (European Centre for University and Research) was established in 1990 due to the will and dedication of university professors, entrepreneurs and professionals. Its legal status was acknowledged by ministerial decree in December 1991. The Foundation’s main goal is “to develop the cultural understanding of students within the field of university and research, above all through teaching and guidance given by the colleges and university residences, through encouraging research and scientific cooperation between young students and lecturers”(Art. 2 of the Statute).

Personal development should not be limited to the mere acquisition of notions or skills-albeit essential- but should also encourage an open-minded attitude towards the real world, faithful to the spirit of ethics and research. It is this very spirit that fuels the Foundation’s various initiatives which are organized so as to complement the students’ preparation and broaden their fields of interest and research in a culturally and scientifically open atmosphere.

Services and facilities

Residential services: accommodation in single- or twin-bedded study bedrooms, breakfast, lunch and dinner (Sunday excluded), room cleaning three times weekly, weekly change of bed linen.

Resources and facilities for study and leisure activities: conference room, study room, library and periodical room, data points allowing free Internet access; gym, rehearsal room, playing field and film hall.

Cultural and formative activities: conferences, tutoring, language and computer courses, study trips abroad.

Fondazione CEUR

Piazza della Resistenza, 9 - 40122 Bologna- Italy

tel. +39.051.5287474 - fax +39.051.5287476

Web: www.ceur.it (info. on all colleges and residences)

The centres

Alma Mater - Bologna

Situated in Bologna and surrounded by parkland, the residence is named after the oldest and most prestigious Italian University which has its seat here in the city: the Alma Mater Studiorum, founded in 1089.

It was opened in September 1998 to provide students with comfortable living conditions. It allocates facilities and areas for study and leisure activities. Alma Mater houses 124 students.

Via Sacco, 12 - 40127 Bologna- Italy

tel. +39.051.6088311 - fax +39.051.6088444

Erasmus College - Bologna

The residence hosts lecturers, researchers and foreign students.

Via de’ Chiari, 8 - 40124 Bologna- Italy

tel. +39.051.276711 fax - +39.051.276777

The Castellaccio Residence - Bologna

This new building opened to students in September 2003 with the chief aim of providing outstanding academic expertise. It can house 50 students and has various areas for teaching activities and study.

Via Del Castellaccio, 5 - 40122 Bologna- Italy

tel. +39.051.5287474 - fax +39.051.5287476

Gandolfi Pallavicini Villa - Bologna

The Villa has 60 places altogether and welcomes foreign students, including those on international Erasmus exchange schemes.

Via Martelli, 22/24 - 40138 Bologna- Italy

tel. +39.051.2091411 - fax +39.051.2091412

Città Studi - Milan

Located in the heart of the “Città Studi” area in Milan, it is one of the most important academic centres in Northern Italy. It was designed with a particular emphasis on space management, using highly innovative materials. It opened in 2000 and houses 95 students. It offers male and female students a unique environment during their stay at university.

Via Ampere, 3 - 20131 Milano- Italy

tel. +39.02.70641777 - fax +39.02.70641788

St. Ilario Residence - Parma

The residence has 20 places and welcomes undergraduates and graduates from Italy and abroad.

Borgo Bosazza, 3 - 43100 Parma- Italy

tel. +39.0521.220711 - fax +39.0521.220720