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Collegio Universitario di Torino “Renato Einaudi” (Turin)

The Collegio Universitario di Torino“Renato Einaudi” is a non-profit association founded in 1935 and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, University and Research; each year it hosts approximately 750 university students enrolled in degree, research degree, masters and doctoral programmes. Admission is competitive and on merit and income bracket. Successful applicants pay annual fees which are proportional to parental income; some places are exempt from fee regulations. To retain a place at the college students must achieve an established number of credits and exams, as laid out in the regulations, with an average of at least 24/30. Details on entrance requirements can be found on the college website www.collegioeinaudi.it

The college offers broad opportunities for cultural, leisure and sporting activities in which students are encouraged to take part; all guests take turns in benefiting from subscriptions to the main theatrical and musical events held in Turin.

Each year the college awards a degree prize to the two students with the best degree results in medicine and science and 20 awards for summer study periods abroad. The 5 residential halls are all mixed and are situated near the main academic sites.

Services and facilities

Residential services: accommodation in single study rooms with telephone for incoming calls and Internet access; roughly two thirds of the rooms have en-suite bathrooms; catered dining service or use of fully equipped self-catering kitchens located on each floor; laundry service.

Resources and facilities for study and leisure activities: 2 libraries, computer rooms with Internet access, study rooms, music rooms with pianos, drafting rooms, TV lounges, gyms, table tennis rooms; chapel

Cultural and formative activities: internal courses, conferences, cultural and sporting activities.

Collegio Universitario di Torino “Renato Einaudi”

Via Maria Vittoria, 39 - 10123 Torino- Italy

tel. +39.011.8126853 - fax +39.011.8171008

e-mail: info@collegioeinaudi.it

Web: www.collegioeinaudi.it

The centres

Crocetta Residence

The residence is situated 300 metres from the central site of the polytechnic and houses 185 students. Facilities include a catered dining hall and spacious study, leisure and sports areas (fully equipped gym run by Turin University’s sporting association, indoor volleyball and basketball courts, gymnastics)

tel. +39.011.3851922 Corso Lione, 24 - 10141 Torino

Mole Antonelliana Residence

The residence is situated 200 metres from the Arts Faculty and houses 116 students. It has a catered university dining hall, study rooms and areas for leisure and sporting activities.

Via delle Rosine, 3 - 10123 Torino- Italy

tel. +39.011.8126856

Po Residence

This block is adjacent to the Mole residence and boasts 134 rooms, a library with 20.000 books and a reference section (also open to external students from 2.00 till 11.00 p.m.), chapel, study rooms, music rooms and sports facilities.

Via Maria Vittoria, 39 - 10123 Torino- Italy

tel. +39.011.8126853 - fax +39.011.8171008

San Paolo Residence

Situated 400 metres from the central site of the polytechnic, it has 179 rooms, a specialist library devoted to engineering, drafting room and areas for leisure and sporting activities

Via Bobbio, 3 - 10141 Torino- Italy

tel./fax +39.011.3851944

Valentino Residence

Close to the main department of Architecture and the University’s science faculties, the residence has 142 rooms, a catered university dining hall, garden, study rooms and areas for leisure and sports activities.

Via Galliari, 30 - 10125 Torino- Italy

tel. +39.011.6690639