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Collegio Universitario “Don Nicola Mazza” (Padua, Rome, Verona)

The Collegio Universitario “Don Nicola Mazza” is a non-profit association legally recognised by the MUIR in 1954. The College owns residences in Padua, Verona and Rome and positively welcomes young, male and female students free of charge or at subsidized rates. It delivers services and facilities so as to create a proper study and living environment. The College endeavours to promote cultural, social and religious initiatives designed to develop a conscientious awareness and responsible commitment to Church issues and problems of the society and also to enrich students’ personal and cultural skills development.

When a student accepts a place at the College he/she undertakes to play an active role in the life of the College and participate in the projects on offer. Steady progress in one’s studies and personal dedication are assessed on a yearly basis to hold a place at the College. The colleges become places where the student can get the best out of University life and where the prestige of a degree is enhanced by the goodwill of each student and by interdisciplinary skills which are essential for a rapid entry into the professional field. Admission to all Don Mazza University colleges is competitive and careful consideration is given to merit, personal ability and dedication and to the assessment of parental income.

Services and facilities

Residential services: single-, twin- and three-bedded study bedrooms with telephone, en-suite or shared bathroom; breakfast, lunch and dinner in dining hall; coffee room or kitchen available on each floor; bed linen is provided and changed regularly, laundry facilities, room cleaning service.

Resources and facilities for study and leisure activities: library and periodical room, main lecture theatre, conference rooms, lecture rooms; study rooms, computer rooms with Internet access, film and video library, music room, newspaper reading room, TV lounge; gym and playing fields, chapel.

Cultural and formative activities: Tutoring service, assistance in study methods and psychological support; foreign language courses with European certification; computer courses (ECDL certified); annual programme of cultural events; courses accredited by the University; career counselling; voluntary and social work; student groups and committees in charge of running the various activities and events organized by the College; distance support of projects in the developing world; support for students taking part in the SOCRATES and ERASMUS schemes for study abroad; study grants available to enable students to conduct research for their degree thesis abroad.

The centres

Collegio Universitario “Don Nicola Mazza” (Padua)

Via dei Savonarola, 176 - 35137 Padova- Italy

tel. +39.049.8734411 - fax +39.049.8719477

e-mail: gtosi@collegiomazza.it

Web: www.collegiomazza.it

“Giuseppe Tosi” Residence - Padua

The Don Giuseppe Tosi, male student residence is the original and legal seat of the Collegio Universitario “Don Nicola Mazza”. It is situated within the city walls of Padua, close to the historical centre. It has long been a point of reference for students, researchers and lecturers at the University.

Via dei Savonarola, 176 - 35137 Padova- Italy

tel. +39.049.8734411 - fax +39.049.8719477

e-mail: gtosi@collegiomazza.it

“Isabella Scopoli” Residence - Padua

The Isabella Scopoli female residence stands in an excellent position in via Belzoni, close to the University’s science faculties. It provides numerous services and communal areas and is renowned for the scope of its cultural and leisure programmes which are organized by the students together with the Principle’s office.

Via Belzoni, 146 - 35121 Padova- Italy

tel. +39.049.8066111 - fax +39.049.8071251

e-mail: iscopoli@collegiomazza.it

“Trasone” Residence - Rome

The College’s residence in Rome came about thanks to a small group of university students. It opened in September 2001 and welcomes students in an environment that provides ample spaces and resources for all the skills development activities that characterize each and every residence owned by the College.

Its goal is to give students the chance to live in a warm, friendly community sharing the same ideals which are explored and broadened in complete freedom and dedication. In addition, the Roman division gives students from southern Italy the opportunity to approach the College.

Via di Trasone, 56 - 00199 Roma- Italy

tel. +39.06.8622361 - fax +39.06.86328886

e-mail: trasone@collegiomazza.it

“San Carlo” Residence - Verona

The San Carlo residence for male students plays host to university students and graduates and runs its own projects side by side with other traditional “Don Mazza” activities: junior high school, secondary school specializing in classical subjects, Mazziano Publishing House, Mazziano Centre for Studies and Research.

The proximity of these centres provides a further stimulus for its university students.

Via S. Carlo, 5 - 37129 Verona- Italy

tel. +39.045.8348536 - fax +39.045.8349089

“Campofiore” Residence - Verona

The female nature of this residence, situated close to the central seat of the University of Verona, is unique in that it effectively reflects the changing role of women in society whilst remaining faithful to the spirit of Don Mazza’s ideals.

The existence of a male residence in the same city leads to stimulating cooperation on a cultural, religious and social level.

Via Campofiore,15 – 37129 Verona- Italy

tel. +39.045.594780 - fax +39.045.590275

e-mail: campo.fiore@collegiomazza.it