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Fondazione RUI (Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Palermo, Rome, Verona )

The university colleges of the Fondazione Rui – a non-profit organ founded in 1959 –provide an environment where students can develop their potential on a personal, cultural and academic level.

Various services are offered to help students in their studies (tutoring; study and career guidance; study methods). These services are also open to numerous external students and are designed to offer a cultural service to young adults and the society at large.

The colleges are committed to enriching the development of students’ personal skills by organizing courses which complement programmes taught at the various university faculties. In this way, they contribute to the all-round development of each individual student on a human, cultural, professional and religious level.

Since 1998 the Foundation has hosted the School of integrated university formation (Sdif) which organizes courses together with the academic, business and industrial world.

The Foundation cooperates with universities in teaching validated programmes that lead to university awards. Each year the Foundation distributes scholarships for places at all of its colleges to applicants on a national placement list which reflects merit and parental income. Entry applications must be submitted by mid-end September (see website).

Services and facilties

Residential services: accommodation in mostly single study bedrooms, breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily room cleaning, weekly change of bed linen, ironing service.

Resources and facilities for study and leisure activities: main lecture theatre, study room, chapel, library with periodical section, data points providing free Internet access, drafting rooms, gym and film library.

Cultural and formative activities: conferences, tutoring, language courses, study groups, informal meetings with lecturers and members of the professions, voluntary and social work, international exchanges, foreign study grants.

Fondazione RUI

Viale XXI Aprile, 36 - 00162 Roma- Italy

tel. +39.06.86321281 - fax +39.06.86322845

e-mail: info@fondazionerui.it

Web: www.fondazionerui.it

The centres

Torleone – Bologna

Situated close to the Engineering Faculty, the Torleone residence for male students has 22 places. It plays host to an Sdif section which organizes personal development planning programmes for the development of skills required in the workplace. It also hosts the “Nicol Pinna” bioethical circle which promotes in-depth studies and meetings.

Via Sant’Isaia, 79 - 40123 Bologna- Italy

tel./fax +39.051.6492234

e-mail: torleone@fondazionerui.it

web: www.torleone.org

Capodifaro- Genoa

The Capodifaro residence for female students lies in the Carignano area of the city, near the Faculty of Architecture. It has 20 places about half of which are awarded on competition. The college promotes social projects in poor areas of the city.

Via E. Ravasco, 12 - 16128 Genova- Italy

tel. +39.010.580484

e-mail: capodifaro@libero.it

Delle Peschiere – Genoa

Situated in the Albaro area of the city, near the Engineering Faculty, the Delle Peschiere residence houses 24 male students. The college carries out overseas voluntary projects and social ventures amongst which the Nicaragua Project that was established in 1999 with the goal of setting up buildings and health clinics in several villages.

Via Parini, 5 - 16145 Genova- Italy

tel. +39.010.3623510 - fax +39.010.3623510

e-mail: info@peschiere.it

Web: www.peschiere.it

Torrescalla – Milan

The residence has 70 places for male students and is situated 100 metres from the Polytechnic’s Leonardo campus and the state University’s Schools of Science. It has set up an Sdif pilot project that holds six-month courses at the college. Over the past 15 years the College has organized a university open day (GOU) in March to offer guidance to school-leavers in Lombardy.

Via C. Golgi, 36 - 20133 Milano- Italy

tel. +39.02.2364023 - fax +39.02.70630850

e-mail: torrescalla@fondazionerui.it

Web: www.torrescalla.it

Torriana – Milan

The Torriana residence for female students is located close to the Università Cattolica, and just a short distance from both the State and Bocconi Universities. It houses 20 students. Tutoring, pre-university guidance on study programmes and courses on study methods are among the cultural services the college offers.

Via Elba, 21 - 20144 Milano- Italy

tel. +39.02.4692131

e-mail: collegiotorriana@tin.it

Viscontea – Milan

The Viscontea residence for female students is right in the historical centre of Milan. Of the 60 places available, 10 are exempt from the payment of fees and are awarded by the Rui Foundation and the Polytechnic of Milan by special agreement. The college organizes a university open day together with the Torrescalla college.

Via Lamarmora, 17 - 20122 Milano- Italy

tel. +39.02.55181434 - fax +39.02.55181434

e-mail: collegio.viscontea@iol.it

RUME – Palermo

The RUME residence for female students is located near the Notarbartolo underground station and the piazzale Giotto bus terminus. It houses 60 students and each year awards a number of free monthly payments.

In 2002 it launched courses on learning methods that are accredited by the University of Palermo. Annual English and German courses are organized on three levels.

Largo J. Escrivà, 1 - 90145 Palermo- Italy

tel. +39.091.6822306 - fax +39.091.6822306

e-mail: rume@infcom.it

Web: www.rume.it

RUI – Rome

Opened in 1959, the RUI male residence is the original college that lent its name to the RUI Foundation. It plays host to around 70 students. Numerous teaching and cultural activities have been arranged over the years. Karol Wojtyla, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Antonio Fazio, Aldo Moro, Giulio Andreotti, Guido Carli, Josemaría Escrivá are among the guests and visiting speakers who have taken part in functions at the college.

Via Sierra Nevada, 10 - 00144 Roma- Italy

tel. +39.06.5926866 - fax +39.06.5911689 o

e-mail: rui@fondazionerui.it

web: www.collegiorui.it

Villa delle Palme – Rome

The Villa delle Palme female residence lies in the Prati area of Rome, close to the Lepanto underground station and a 15-minute walk from the Lumsa. It houses 23 students. In recent years it has held courses in journalism with the participation of television, newspaper and Internet journalists; amongst whom: Lorenza Foschini, Giovanni Minoli, Vincenzo Mollica and Lilli Gruber.

Lungotevere delle Armi, 12/13 - 00195 Roma- Italy

tel. +39.06.3215447 - fax +39.06.3215447

e-mail: villadellepalme@fondazionerui.it

Porta Nevia – Rome

The female residence was opened in 2000 and is situated close to the Roma Tre University. It hosts 60 students who can apply for scholarships. The college arranges frequent meetings with leading members of the various professions, so as to secure strong ties with the workplace from the very outset of university life.

Via Laurentina, 86/q - 00142 Roma- Italy

tel./fax +39.06.59472103

e-mail: portanevia@fondazionerui.it

web: www.collegioportanevia.it

Celimontano – Rome

The female Celimontano residence was opened in the 2003/04 academic year. It houses 70 students and all rooms and facilities are designed to be accessible to disabled applicants; some rooms are also set aside for them. In January 2004 the college launched a master’s degree course for experts in Communication and Orientation Techniques, held by the department of Sociology and Communication of “La Sapienza” University.

Via Palestro, 7 - 00185 Roma- Italy

tel. +39.06.48905902

e-mail: celimontano@fondazionerui.it

Clivia - Verona

The Clivia residence for female students is situated in the historical centre of Verona and hosts 20 students. Cultural activities include courses to help students prepare for and pass the state examination for the practice of medicine and a Club of Medicine which prepares students to sit the faculty entrance examination. The college has been involved in overseas voluntary projects for many years.

Via Tirapelle, 2 - 37128 Verona- Italy

tel. +39.045.8342246 - fax +39.045.8302797

e-mail: clivia@fondazionerui.it

Pontenavi – Verona

The male Pontenavi residence is situated near the Cathedral of Verona. It has 20 places, two of which are partly funded thanks to an agreement between the RUI Foundation and the University of Verona. Over the last two years it has promoted the Summer School: an initiative undertaken to take a closer look at international political issues, which have so far been held in the Lebanon and in Sarajevo.

Via S. Giusto, 9 - 37121 Verona- Italy

tel. +39.045.8007254 - fax +39.045.591139