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General safety rules

These rules are common sense rules which probably apply in your country too. There are obviously greater risks in large towns but it is always best to exercise caution everywhere.

Pickpockets and thieves

Use common sense – as everywhere, there is small time theft, especially in the cities. Pickpockets and thieves specifically target unwary foreigners.

So follow these basic rules

  • Watch your personal possessions - especially on public transport, in crowds or at markets
  • Don’t leave bags or jackets unattended - especially in pubs, cinemas, fast food restaurants
  • Don’t carry valuables or wear expensive looking jewellery
  • Keep wallet and purse out of sight
  • Keep your handbag securely closed
  • Don’t keep your passport money and credit cards etc together
  • Take special care in and around the stations and on public transport especially the metro
  • If alone, avoid stations, parks and areas you do not know

If you are travelling by car:

  • Avoid parking in unlit back streets and areas around stations
  • Never leave any valuables or luggage visible in cars

Sexual harassment

Women are unlikely to be harassed but depending on your home country you may find that you receive more attention from men. You may perceive this as annoying, but it is rarely dangerous.

When you are outside the university, take the usual common sense precautions:

  • Stay away from back streets and areas around bus and train stations, even during the day
  • Do not walk around alone at night
  • Taxis and public transport are safe but avoid travelling alone on night and early morning trains
  • It is always better to avoid sitting alone in train or metro compartments.
  • Hitchhiking is not recommended.