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Free time: entertaintment


Italians enjoy cinema and you will find a cinema hall or cinema clubs in even the smallest town. No doubt you will be learning Italian while in Italy and the cinema is an excellent way to improve your skills. If you are still struggling to master the language however, you may want to see films in English. Original language films are usually only available in large towns where selected cinema halls have a regular programme in English. If you want to see a film in its original English version, look out for the words "Versione Originale" or "Lingua Originale". These films are usually shown in English with Italian subtitles.

Large towns such as Milan and Rome may also have cinema in languages other than English.

To find out what it is on, you can consult local newspapers or entertainment guides available in most cities or look at the posters outside the cinemas. Cinema programmes are often posted in town centre bars and cafés as well.

Theatres and Concerts

Italy is the land of music and drama and there is always a wide offering of theatre and music even in small towns. You can check the local newspapers or entertainment guides to discover what is being offered each month. Very often local churches are used for concerts and plays and tickets are sold at a lower price than in the theatres and concert halls. Many are often free of charge.

Museums and galleries

60% of the world’s art heritage is in Italy so make sure you make the most of this opportunity while you are staying here. There is an endless selection of museums and art galleries the length and breadth of the country. Museum entrance fees vary between 5 and 10 euros with reduced rates for senior citizens and children. There are usually ticket reductions for young people between 18 and 25 but you will need an identity document or passport to prove your age.

Be aware that most museums and galleries close on Mondays but many in the large towns have late night openings during the week. Some offer free entrance on Fridays.

Italy is also home to many world famous archaeological sites such as Pompei and Ercolano near Naples. Rome itself is one enormous heritage site and the island of Sicily is dotted with wonderful buildings from the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

There is much to discover all over the country so do not miss out on these world heritage.