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Free time: sports

Football is undoubtedly the most famous Italian sport and many of its teams are well known throughout the world. If you are a football fan you will want to enjoy the football experience whilst you are in Italy.

The season lasts from September to May and most matches take place on Sunday afternoons but matches are also played on Saturday or Sunday evenings. European and Italian Cup matches are played midweek, usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Tickets for the matches can be purchased at some banks, general ticket offices and at the stadium ticket desk. The main football teams have their own web site where you can buy tickets on line. If you want to follow the local team, it will not be hard to find out football information either in the town or at the university.

Italians have another passion for Formula Uno racing and although this sport attracts mainly a TV audience, there is always a large crowd at Imola and Monza to cheer on the Ferrari cars.

While football is the national sport, there are nevertheless endless opportunities to practise or watch other sports. If you are interested, you should enquire at the Sports Office at the university where there are very often discounted rates for students to access sports facilities in the town. Many Italian universities do not have their own sports centres but have negotiated special rates for students at other facilities in the town. Many of them will have sports teams that you can contact if you wish to play a team sport during your stay in Italy.