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Study Visa

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Studenti Stranieri

Only a visa issued for study purposes is valid for your final enrollment at an H.Ed. institution in Italy.
No other type of visa will be accepted. Therefore you have to apply to the competent Italian diplomatic authority and ask for a study visa in your name. The competent Italian Embassy/Consulate is the authority responsible for accepting your pre-application and checking if you meet the requirements for the visa.


The study visa will be issued only against demonstration that you:


  1. have a suitable accommodation in Italy;
  2. may dispose of enough financial means to support yourself (go to Sustenance);
  3. are entitled to medical care in Italy (go to Health Insurance).
  4. possess the amount of money necessary to travel back to your country, or have already purchased a valid return-ticket.


  • While awaiting adequate initiatives within specific agreements between Croatia and Italy, Croatian citizens studying in Italy as commuters are enrolled against evidence of just a simple entry visa (possibly, a visa for multiple entries) with no need for a stay permit.
  • The same provision as under letter A. above is also applied to those foreign citizens who legally live in the Republic of San Marino (entry visa only, no need for a stay permit).