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Dichiarazione di valore in loco (DV)

The DV is an official document which provides a short description of a certain academic or professional qualification, awarded to a specific person by an institution belonging to an educational system other than the Italian one.

The DV usually includes the following information:

legal status and nature of the awarding institution;
requirements needed for admission to the programme ending in the qualification concerned;
length of the programme and/or global workload in hours/credits;
validity of the qualification in the awarding country to academic and/or professional ends.

DVs are issued in Italian by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities outside Italy against presentation of the following papers:

  1. certified photocopy of the qualification concerned;
  2. legal translation into Italian of the the above document.


  • Italian diplomatic authorities issue the Dichiarazione di Valore on a foreign study qualification (original / certified photocopy) after it has been legalized by the competent authorites of the awarding country; at least, that is so when the local legislation provides for such a procedure (go to Legalization of Documents).
  • Before issueing a DV, Italian diplomatic authorities check the authenticity of the qualification concerned.
  • The DV may prove useful also for recognition purposes, both academic and professional, as well as to occupational ends (e.g. in case you wish to work in the private sector of the Italian labour market and, at the same time, avoid the procedures of legal recognition by equivalence).
  • If you do not hold a DV yet, make sure you select the right form to apply for it (go for instructions to Consular Formalization of Documents).